Reservoir Road Farm

While purchasing milk form our farm with her kids in stow, Brooke subtly told me that she wanted to sell milk one day. I quickly asked her why one day and why can't she do it right now. Surprised by my response, she admitted that the endeavor appeared to be challenging and the outcome of failure stood in the way. I ensured her that if I could do it, she most defiantly could, too! She called me two weeks later curious about purchasing her own dairy cow. To say that she jumped right in would be an understatement. She cannon balled into the adventure, much like myself.  Now, two months later she owns four Jersey cows and is supplying the community with a much needed and demanded product. We work alongside one another on a daily basis, and she is my first referral when we are sold out of milk.

Reservoir Road Farm is located in the lush forests of Marion, Montana. Located on 60 acres of rolling hills, pastures and  trees; it's easily considered a dream setting for any settler. Their grade A Jersey cows are disease tested, grass fed and supplemented with the highest quality unsprayed forages and minerals that can be found.

Feel free to reach out to their site to pick up a gallon of milk, or maybe snag yourself a Farm Share for guaranteed milk. We promise they hold themselves to the same standard we do and you will not be disappointed.

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